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Wombs Combo!!
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Things that I've bought so far this year:

Storm wig, Stocking wig, Socks for Stocking, fabric for Garterbelt, fabric for Stocking, fabric for Ike, fabric for 4th Hokage, fabric to make subspace bag, boots for Storm, shoes for Stocking and many other little things that I forgot. So far this year I think I've spent almost over $150! There goes all the money in my wallet....
Next Con/Event:
Las Cruces Comic Con!!
2015 Conventions:
Megacon, FAE, Omni Expo, Colossalcon, LC3, Santa Fe Comic Con
Cosplay Plans:
Arcade Miss Fortune; League of Legends
Mami Tomoe: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Yukiko Amagi: Persona 4 Dancing All Night(100%)
Storm: X-men(100%)
Nonon: Kill la Kill(100%)
Judith: Tales of Vesperia(100%)
Sakura Kasugano: Street Fighter(100%)
Cosplays for Friends:
Raven: Tales of Vesperia(100%)

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