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aww that was intended for the person who started the thread so I could give him a lot of details

I work for a company that has you teach in the public school system

The one thing I would say is that a lot of your teaching experience depends on who you work with. You might have teachers that make you do everything even though you don't get trained much or teachers that allow no freedom for you. I suppose a lot would depend on your area if you are picky about where you want to live. I was picky and I got what I wanted ; Kansai Japan.

I do not work for JET but I have many friends who do. I would say it is the best because
1.) job security: you literally have to like hit a kid to get fired from this job where as private companies are constantly having to recontract every year with cities. Some people of course take this privilege as an opprotunity to be horrible teachers but I would say most do not.
2.) JET pays for usually half of your rent every month which can save you a lot of money depending on where you live.

However, in some cases because some JETs have taken advantage of being able to show up to work hung over, late and unwilling to work and not getting fired for it JET is currently on a bit of a backlash. Many cities are looking into private companies because it it cheaper.

3.) JET pays better than a lot of private companies. My friends are easily making 700 dollars more a month than I am.

Sorry to skip back but due to the backlash. I believe you now have a 1/6 chance of getting into JET.

I applied to a lot of private companies
so there are eikaiwas to such as AEON where you go to a building and the students come to you. Depending on your hours you could be teaching nights and teaching adults who are trying to learn English after work. AEON also has a sister branch that only has you teach children. So you should consider what age group you are willing to teach. When I applied to AEON I was told I was probably going to be put up by Tokyo which I didn't want. So getting back to location take that into consideration.

I have some research on private companies I did when I was looking around and that would be for some one to pm me because that is a lot of stuff to send out.

how long you want to teach ( I said probably 2 years)
ages for students
and whether you want to do eikaiwa or be in a public school system


ps! don't even mention anything about being into cosplay or anime when you apply they don't like that.
and if you are serious about teaching you need to be outgoing enough to laugh at yourself, make a fool out of yourself, and take criticism well!

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