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Name of Merchant: Arda-Wigs
Item purchased: Le Tigre Long, x1 Teal
Links to picture(s) of your received item: N/A, apologies.
Timeline (how long your order took to process): It was ordered around Janurary 8 and got here around Jan. 13, so only 5 days between clicking the checkout button and the wig arriving on my doorstep. Nice.
Describe your Experience:
Pros: Like other reviewers of this site have said, the wig has a LOT of hair. Pretty smooth and soft, too. Its lushness and thickness makes it really nice (or really annoying, when combing out the tangles) to work with. The shipping was also extremely fast in my opinion, which was nice. I also really liked how on their website they explained a lot about the different types of wigs and fibers. So they get a great grade in terms of quality and speed.

Cons: The color was somewhat lighter/more faded than in the picture; picture was this: and the color was more like this: (though a little more blue). Certainly the color was not this (another Teal colored wig picture): However, the color is definitely still changeable (I've been sharpie dying it over the past few days) though it's annoying. It's been shedding somewhat during the dying process, but the thickness of the wig covers that factor quite nicely.

Conclusion: Quick shipping, really nice lush and long wig for a reasonable price, though the color was somewhat off.
Final Grade: A-
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