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Name of Merchant: Coscolle
Items ordered: A Mokou costume set (blouse, pants, suspenders, 6 hair ribbons and 1 head ribbon)
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): 2 days

Experience: I ended up with a wig perfect for the character in a Lucky Bag and in order to keep it a "cheap costume" looked at just about every single Mokou costume available on the internet for a combination of low price and accuracy O-o Coscolle's offering had the sleeves I wanted and all of the pieces for what I thought was a very good price (12,800 yen).

Pros: The package was shipped the day after I ordered it (the first business day after my order) in spite of my not having actually paid for it yet ^^;;; I panicked and ran to the bank today to put the transfer through, just in case my not having paid might cause troubles with coscolle. Sure enough, the package arrived not 15 minutes after I sent the bank transfer paying for it. That's FAST!

The costume I recieved looks just like the one on the site. All of the pieces are included and the fabrics are the color and sheen they were represented to be. The "M" size, as I suspected, is actually a "one size fits all" sort of M and fits my size-L butt just fine.

Cons: The costume is still a cheap Chinese factory costume. The wards are printed onto the fabric in white that shows up slightly pink with the red fabric underneath and stick to one another when folded. I imagine with a few washes or tight folds, they will begin to chip off. The material is very thin, unlined and the shirt is see-through. The ribbons are printed the same way the pants are and again, the white looks a little pink. They also don't have any snaps or ties built in... rather someone has stuck regular bobbypins on the sides of each in a rather hilarious way of saying "do it your goddamnned self" :P

All of these things I more or less expected and don't have a problem with but might be annoying to someone who hasn't worked with cheaper pre-made costumes before.

The sleeves and shirt length are a little short for me.

There was a 500 yen "wrapping fee" that can not be waved. This means your package, even if it's for you, comes in a gift box with ghetto wrapping paper and a gift tag. It's just another sneaky backdoor way of charging a shipping and handling fee while still getting Rakuten to list their items first in the "shipping included" search category. Just assume that all costumes are 500 yen more expensive than their posted price.

Final Comments: It looks nice. It's what I ordered. It fits. And it arrived as quickly as one could possibly hope for. Very highly recommended for budget costumes.

Final Grade: A
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