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Name of Commissioner: Phantom Legacy Costumes / celestialshadow
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned & series/video game: The White Rabbit (Are You Alice?)
Reference picture:
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): About 2 months

In the interest of full-disclosure, the commissioner in question is now a good friend of mine and this particular costume was done for a group that the commissioner herself was part of. I got a bit of special treatment that I doubt most folks would get ~ a cheaper rate, a ton of updates, and a night-before-the-event remake of the boot covers. I also got a week and a half stay in Tokyo free of charge and a devoted butler on the following day (Celeste was kind enough to go as Sebastian to my Ciel).

Celeste is pretty much just an awesome person overall. Having seen her work ethic in action (on her own costumes and my own), I trust her even more implicitly than before.

And yeah, I'm kissing ass :P

(Thank you so much for the lodging and all the help over Comiket!)

Pros: I was shown images of materials before the costume was begun and was informed quickly of any issues that arose. When the costume was completed, I was shown photos and then promptly recieved the costume itself. I got everything I asked for by the time I needed it for slightly more than I would have paid a Chinese factory to produce a similar piece.

Bonus: no polyester!

The costume was recieved about three weeks before it would be used.

I was asked multiple questions about how to proceed and got to give my own input whenever decisions were about to be made. I chose how I wanted to attatch the hat, what material I wanted for the belt, how far the jacket would fall, etc.

When I voiced reservations about the length and thickness of the ears, I was offered some fleece replacements. But the ears sent were incredibly cute and ended up working out just fine with a bit of editing. I asked for the ears to be left unfinished so they could be sewn into the wig and they were.

Celeste remade everything I asked her to (namely, the boot covers). Sometimes that involved late nights that I'm sure she'd rather have spent sleeping or working on her own costumes.

Cons: There was a fit crisis due to using the measurement sheet of another commissioner who did not include a thigh measurement (my trouble area). It was my mistake, but I still freaked out over the tight shorts. I was promised a fix come hell or high water if I needed it. In the end, I bucked up, lost about a kilo and wore what I had. The clasp snapped off on one side at the event, but they were well enough made that it didn't really make any difference. My honor is intact.

The collar fits a bit oddly and is a little stiff/uncomfortable. The way the biasing tape and zipper are attatched make the jacket difficult to fold without screwing up the lay of the collar.

Would have liked the necktie to be slightly larger and the ears a little bit longer, though logistically, both would have been harder to manage and simple enough for me to fix on my own.

Comments: All in all: a simple costume that came out looking like it ought to have looked, in the colors it ought to have been. It was on time, it fit and it was made with my input. Any problems had were either fixed by the commissioner at her own expense or things I signed off on myself as fixable.  I'm happy with what I got and what I paid.

Unfortunately, I still haven't had any other commissioning experiences worth raving about :/

Final Grade: A
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