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Wow this topic's long! I've decided to help make it longer xD

I first got acne when I was in 6th or 7th grade, and I still have it now (I'm in the process of trying new things). More recently it's gotten to the point where I don't get too many full-on zits anymore. I still have those like perma-blackheads that Idk how to get rid of, but my forehead (which was the very first thing that brokeout) is the clearest part of my face.

Drinking LOTS of water helps immensely. Water is almost the only thing I drink nowadays. It helps hydrate your body and its just plain good for you~

Drinking green tea has a plethera of health benefits as well, especially for acne. But my mom doesn't like green tea (Therefore, won't buy it D: ) and there are different types so I can't really share too much on it. Even if you don't like tea (like myself QAQ), plug your nose and chug. Two good cups a day would most likely suffice. And if you are just opposed to it, perhaps pur some honey in it or after you plug 'n' chug (Lol) drink water afterwards.

Exercise also helps. When you sweat, you're releasing toxins, just make sure you clean up after a good workout or those toxins will stay there >_<

NOT TOUCHING THE FACE! Which is something I seriously have a problem with... I'm like... addicted to it now :/ Because of it, I have dark scars on my cheeks and all over my shoulders and back. Thank goodness they aren't sunken scars ;_; Another weird thing is that my forehead and nose doesn't scar. Probably because of all the oil on my skin D: I use Oil-free AcneFree scar eraser lotion. It smells terrible, I have to admit, but it doesn't lighten up the scars!

A problem I still have is oily skin. I have a VERY oily T-zone but I'm starting myself on a moisturizer. (Jenkins glowing moisturizer something-or other) Some of you might be like "What?! A moisturizer?? How can THAT help?" Well, oily skin could be the result of having dry skin. Your skin will produce more oil than wanted to compensate the dry skin so if you use a moisturizer after a cleaning, it should help with oily skin. (Courtesy of bubzbeauty!!)

Don't use oily skin care products or make up either. That's pretty much basic knowledge. I use Physician's Formula and it's great for redness! Plus it's talc-free~

Holy crap... Sorry for the long post!! Just sharing what I know from my acne experience of 5 years :/ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE~!

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