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I'm always up for it! In fact, I haven't cosplayed a "real" character yet, lol.

I enjoy being an OC It's fun rummaging through my closet or clothing racks and imagining the endless possibilities. I wasn't going to the con to be photographed, or assaulted and glomped by fans, lol. I went to experience the joys of being around my fellow anime/manga lovers. ^_^

This go round I'm actually going to start making costumes for some "real" characters, though one I think is hardly known at all. But I'm doing it because I love that character to bits and pieces!!! And sure it'll be nice if people recognize me or take a picture because I'll be in tengu geta with a giant spear, lol, but I'll be happy just knowing I'm giving some much deserved love to a certain series.
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