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Yeah, I'm planning on the back of my mask functioning pretty much just as a bald cap the same way they had in the movie, and trying to blend it in as much as possible.

The dress I'm using at the moment is actually a long shirt, so it might be thin enough? It sure was translucent enough before I dyed it. :l

edit: Man, I actually just had an idea that might work. I'm wary of making a latex dress just on a mannequin because if it doesn't fit first time round then wat do (and all that wasted latex!), but maybe I could cover the dress I have in clingfilm/something equally nonabsorbent and paint it on that way? It fits me pretty much perfectly as is, so I guess all I'd need to do is paint it with the front open and stick some velcro on there.

...if velcro will hold, ffff

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