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OMG! I love this thread! I <3 <3 pet photography!!
Now I'ma have to do multiple post because I have soo many doogies! (All spoiled beyond belief) When I say no photos, it means I haven't put any up on flickr and I'm too lazy to go hunting elsewhere XP

Our oldest, the grandma of the pack, is Iris She's, I believe 13? Poor baby is blind but surprisingly get's around with ease! She's a little piggy and looks like one X3
I don't have any photos of her though

The grandpa, Wookie, is one year younger than her.

Wookie by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr

Oh they are both poodle/terrier mixes.

Then there's Cow, their daughter, she's 10.
No pics of her either.

Then theres the Queen of the house :/ Mimi, she's 4.
This pug runs the household I swear XD She has a FB too just because she's so funny to watch. Mimi Ceron if your interested.
She's the Percy that pops up everywhere and the costume page is right here:

Mimi by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr

Hmm let's see. There's Woody, not ours but we take care of him so often and for so long it's like he's part of us.

Woody 1 by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr
My Cosplay FB Page!!
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