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This was Roxie, my heart and my child <3 She passed away last year She was a sick doggy the two years she lived. It really broke my heart when she died.

Roxie my banana by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr

Lucky, another dog that we watch 5 days out of the week. No pics of him. He's important though lol He ended up knocking up poor Cow last year.
She had 4 puppies but one died during the birthing process and the other died a few days after.
Here's a picture of Anita (the one that didn't make it), Pepper (my new puppy <3 and looks JUST like her mom), and Scruffy (apparently my brother and his gf's baby)

Puppies!! by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr

Here are some of them a few weeks later,

Pepper by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr

Scruffy by ~*Roxie*~, on Flickr

They're mighty big now XD I'll find some and post more if your interested. :3 There are more photos in my Flickr too.

Our dogs are a big part of our lives, my dad says they are family and everything we get they get. (There's a reason why Mimi is so fat!) We've had offers for puppies but like my dad says, "They are family, we don't sell off our own family"
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