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Wig Brand Review: Clearstone (Character Wig)

Product Reviewed: Clearstone (sold unlabelled by third parties as "anime character wig"s)
Purchased From: Wigland
Items ordered: Charm Curl Pink
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): About 1 week. Shipping was within Japan.

Experience: I paid 3,230 yen for this wig after scouring rakuten for a medium length curly wig in this particular shade of pink. This was, quite literally, the ONLY option, but several different sites carried it ranging in price from 3,230 to 4,200 yen.

The wig arrived without incident packed in a wig net inside a small black box with images of the item branded on the outside. It came with a black wig cap.

Pros: It's well-curled and looks more or less like the image online. The color is more or less what I need.

Cons: Hoo boy. Let's start out by saying, I'm a wig snob. I REALLY like nice wigs! I've gotten to the point that just opening up a new one usually ends with me rolling around on the floor sniffing it and petting the fibers. I usually avoid cheap Chinese wigs, party wigs and anything off of rakuten. But desperate times... yeah, yeah...

Anyway ~ the wig is TINY! The wig cap barely fits over my head (which fits in all other standard Japanese wig caps) and needs to be stretched in the back to cover the back of my hairline and the front at once. It's tight, itchy, hot and uncomfortable.

The center of the wig is oddly shifted to one side in spite of that not being noted on the website or shown on the box... it's called a character wig but doesn't seem to be for any particular character, much less one with a side part...

The fibers are incredibly shiny and the wig looks a shade paler than its presented online. It looks... well, fake. I mean, even faker than usual (o_ _)o I dispaired a bit before going at it with a pair of scissors and hiding it under the bonnet that will cover most of it and decided that it's still going to work. But dammnit, it isn't a nice wig. It isn't something I want to roll around on the floor with. It's just a shiny, off-brand party wig that barely fits on my head T.T

Not total crap... it can be used, it isn't visibly bare...

It's just... kind of ugly, unpleasant to touch and exceedingly unpleasant to wear.

Final Comments: Never again.

Final Grade: 4
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