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Originally Posted by rubyspitfire View Post
for anyone keeping a betta and other fish i read somewhere that you can keep them in a community tank as long as there are no other aggressive fish and no other top swimmers. i kept mine in a 30 gal with two angel fish, a pleco (algae eater), and a couple cory cats (bottom feeders) and it worked out fine, but pulled him out when i added a few other non-aggressive fish. all of them were fairly slow swimmers and i also had some really tall plants so he did have a place to hide from the angels near the top of the tank, because my first pair wasn't bad but they are semi-aggressive. surprisingly he left them alone, but they were about 4 times his size and stayed in the middle of the tank. you can keep some "incompatible" fish together if each type of fish has its own space and your tank doesn't get crowded
Bettas are actually pretty chill fish if you put them with other gentle species, like Platys. Betta don't mix very well with barbs, Angel Fish (SOME people make it work, but my angels always got mean when they were mating), Cichlids, or other male betta.

P.S. - I love cory cats
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