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Originally Posted by korokuXneo View Post
Bettas are actually pretty chill fish if you put them with other gentle species, like Platys. Betta don't mix very well with barbs, Angel Fish (SOME people make it work, but my angels always got mean when they were mating), Cichlids, or other male betta.

P.S. - I love cory cats
i would never have put my betta with my second pair of angels, especially since the one i thought was a male became extremely aggressive and killed off the others within a few days of her "mate" becoming pregnant, and then killed her "mate" after she laid eggs. psycho lesbian fish >< i also know better than to put a male betta with a bunch of females, he'll kill them all after building a nest

i loved my cories and my pleco. i had an albino and a peppered cory, and my pleco got HUGE. seven inches long and about an inch and a half across. he was grumpy too, he'd raise his fin and thrash around if anything but the cories got too close, but he was always calm when i cleaned the tank and would come up to the top when i dropped an algae tablet in

i miss my fish now ;_;
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