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Originally Posted by rubyspitfire View Post
i would never have put my betta with my second pair of angels, especially since the one i thought was a male became extremely aggressive and killed off the others within a few days of her "mate" becoming pregnant, and then killed her "mate" after she laid eggs. psycho lesbian fish >< i also know better than to put a male betta with a bunch of females, he'll kill them all after building a nest

i loved my cories and my pleco. i had an albino and a peppered cory, and my pleco got HUGE. seven inches long and about an inch and a half across. he was grumpy too, he'd raise his fin and thrash around if anything but the cories got too close, but he was always calm when i cleaned the tank and would come up to the top when i dropped an algae tablet in

i miss my fish now ;_;
I've always liked plecos, but I never had the room to keep them since they grow so fast. I just couldn't afford to get bigger tanks, hence why I no longer have Angels.
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