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Originally Posted by ldb88 View Post
I am looking for some light blue contacts for a Holland Novak cosplay. I have very dark eyes, so I would need opaque contacts. However, once I find out my eye measurements, how do I order contacts online with those measurements? All of the places I have found don't let you modify the base curve and diameter, including the Acuvue ones you linked to.
What is your base curve exactly? Acuvue 2 and Focus Softcolors lenses come in 2 different base curves, while Illusions lenses come in 3 different base curves. Unfortunately many stock theatrical, cosmetic, and circle lenses sound like they are a no-go for you if you do not have a base curve of 8.6.

You also have the option of asking your optometrist if you can safely go 1mm flatter/steeper in the base curve to perhaps get to a base curve that is offered. You also have the option to see what the optometrist's office can order to suit your measurements, or you can just get product names from them and order online if it is cheaper, or order some custom lenses from a place like 9mmsfx.

Originally Posted by sukimba View Post
Is there such a thing as bright gold/yellow/hazel (preferably)circle lenses? I know a lot of people recommend dolly eye brown, and while I love dolly eye brand, I'm not crazy about the color of their brown. Most sites I see bright gold/yellow/hazel lenses on they don't have a picture of a real person wearing them, rather they have a photo-shopped picture, so I don't know what to think! My eyes are medium/dark brown, so I need something that's pretty opaque.
I am guessing you do not want lenses that look cartoony yellow? I personally like the Dolly Eye brown lenses as they do look like a nice honey/gold color and not brown. You might like Crystal Brown, Amber Venus, Hazel Autumn Bella, or Neo Glamour or Queen in Honey color. Even the yellow wolf lenses look better than plain yellow contacts in my opinion. The color will be just as bold. If you can post a link/pic of the character you want the lenses for, it may help others come up with appropriate suggestions as well.
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