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Calling Major Tom
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Name of Commissioner: Qemba
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Sebastian wig from Kuroshitsuji
Pictures of item: don't have any yet.
Timeline: order about a month and a half before con. Received a few weeks after the con.

My friend and I were so excited that we could find a Sebastian wig commissioner who gave us a relatively low quote. The money was sent and she said it was received. She also said the wig was finished and that I could find her at the convention and get it from her and we made a meeting time and place. At the con, she was no where to be seen. I waited around forever. She also didn't respond after that. A few weeks later. She apologized about it not being done and finally shipped it out. We received it WAY after our deadline and it was kinda bad. It was quite short and not true to the character's style at all. It was 45$ for something that wasn't quite up to par. Shame. Poor communication. Missed the deadline severely. Lied about it being completed. Won't do that again.

Final Grade: D+
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