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Name of Merchant: HEAL-ALL
Website: *Japan and international (through rakuten)
Items ordered: Yuyuko costume(Touhou Project)
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: none of as-recieved (it's exactly what is pictured on the site). After alterations here.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): 3 days.

Describe your Experience: I love Yuyuko and have wanted to do her costume for awhile. Unfortunately, the other pre-made costumes out there either deleted the flowers entirely or maked them look entirely too much like starbursts or fireworks. Having liked the look of HEAL ALL's best, I bit. The price was also pretty darn sweet for a full-set and underskirt ~ 7,800 yen.

The order system, through rakuten is extremely easy and takes a matter of minutes if you already have an account. I chose collect-on-delivery, so there was no banking to navigate. I just paid the deliveryman two days later.

The costume was well-packaged and arrived clean, labelled, and in the right size. If I have one complaint it's that the costume seems to have been stored for quite some time folded and the plether flowers have creased to the point that they can no longer be uncreased. Annoying, but not all that noticeable to others or in photos.

Pros: HEAL-ALL is pretty transparent. It's obvious that the images provided are of the costumes they actually sell. Their models are credited by cos-name and represent a refreshing variety of sizes and shapes. The prices are fair for the quality and as long as shiny fabrics and gaudy trims are avoided, most of their costumes actually look like they might even have cost more than they did.

This particular costume came with an underskirt, a kimono, a hat, a velcro obi, and two safety-pin on ribbons. The ribbon in the front is too small, but the other pieces are the size and shape they ought to be and actually look much better in person than they do online. The flowers are well-shaped and placed, the trim on the kimono closure is adorable, the sleeve gathers are likewise cute as hell. The hat's the perfect size and the veil in the back doesn't swallow your head like some of the other choices out there. Embroidery is well-done and there aren't any noticeable construction mistakes.

It fits well, the colors are lovely, it looks pretty cute on and I actually really like it

Cons: The ribbon in the front of the obi is small and doesn't really make any sense since no attempt has been made to make it look like PART of the obi. I needed to rip the pin off of it and sew the ribbon onto the top of the obi to make sure the pin didn't show and the ribbon didn't droop.

The ribbon trim is cheap satin and very shiny. I hate shiny. I haven't addressed this yet because I can't find any non-satin ribbon in the color I need to replace it T^T But it's killing me... it really is.

The flowers are also shiny. Did I mention I hate shiny? I fixed them in about 3 hours with some acrylic paint and ghetto gradient tricks. I think they look a thousand times better now.

There is ONE image inconsistancy - <-- those are not the ribbons provided on the ends of the neck piece. The ones shown in the full-body shot are. Not sure where this particular image came from... but it's misleading, as the one's shown are a helluva lot nicer than the cheapo ties you actually get.

Final Comments: Overall, an amazing and well-made base for a great price. It needs attention, but I bought it knowing that and it has actually been a lot of fun making the costume "my own". I'd recommend this particular costume to anyone and would probably shop there again, provided I found something that I thought I could fix up and do justice.

Final Grade: A-
Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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