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Item purchased: Long pumpkin-orange wig.
Links to pictures of item: Sorry, none yet. I will add some soon.
Timeline: About a month.

I actually bought this wig last January, but I didn't get around to wearing it until this past weekend at Ohayocon.

Pros: Fast shipping and good communication from the seller. The wig is very pretty! It's super soft and silky. It feels like real hair. Although it tangles easily, it is a longer wig, and I've never had a long wig that didn't tangle; but this one brushes out very easily, which surprised me. It is a low maintenance wig and it's very attractive. The seller also sent a really nice wig cap.

Cons: The wig itself is TINY! I don't think I have a very big head (I'm an average sized female; I do have long hair, but it's thin and I spread it out flat across my head), but I had a horrible time trying to get and keep this wig on my head, even when I used the loosest hook inside the wig. The first day I wore it, it kept falling backwards, causing my wig cap to come off the front of my head and for my dark hairline to show. The next day I wore it, I used 20 or so hair clips and bobby pins (which is a lot more than I've ever used with a wig before), and this seemed to help a lot. However, it still wasn't a perfect fit. It was really uncomfortable having all the clips in my hair.

Also, the wig is very thin on top. The lacing is really obvious on top of the wig.

Overall, it's a lovely wig, and I was happy with my purchase, especially for the price I paid (around $30). However, the wig doesn't seem to be made to fit normal heads.

Final Grade: A-

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