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Originally Posted by RikuGurl View Post
I've been trying to get a natural looking icy blue/aqua colored lens. I thought I struck gold when I found these in Caribbean Aqua:

Though I suppose your eyes have to be REALLY right for them to make a difference? I received them the other day and they really didn't accomplish anything. In fact they just make my natural color look a shade darker :/
Here is a photo I took today.

The top photo is with the right lens in (left on the picture) and below is the bright blue/aqua (photoshopped) I was hoping to get. The right side of the photo is my natural color.

Can anyone help me find a very natural looking color like that? I'm hoping for a price tag under $100 for a pair of lenses, but I know there are no guarantees.

Thank you :]
I actually have been buying from when I was looking for a real difference, and their color has been almost exact to the picture with both pairs I have gotten from them so far.

For instance, I have here the dark brown contacts from their site in: 27_n.jpg

And my eye color is normally blue: 48_n.jpg (Girl on the left)

As for which one I ordered, I went with the extreme color contacts, in hopes that even on my eyes the color wouldn't be effected in any way...
I know it's not exact, but you could get this maybe?

They're $34.02 after tax and shipping, but it's just one suggestion! I wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you!
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