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Originally Posted by cateyedprincess View Post
I actually have been buying from when I was looking for a real difference, and their color has been almost exact to the picture with both pairs I have gotten from them so far.

For instance, I have here the dark brown contacts from their site in: 27_n.jpg

And my eye color is normally blue: 48_n.jpg (Girl on the left)

As for which one I ordered, I went with the extreme color contacts, in hopes that even on my eyes the color wouldn't be effected in any way...
I know it's not exact, but you could get this maybe?

They're $34.02 after tax and shipping, but it's just one suggestion! I wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you!

WOW the difference is really good :O
I was led to that site on another thread here and they seem to be pretty decent. I found a couple colors I really like already, and the one you suggested I really like as well :D

I did have a couple of questions though. Obviously its safe go give my credit card info as everyone else seems not to have had problems (as an alternative I would have preferred paypal). But the prices being listed in ... I would be new to buying from another country via credit card so I'm curious about paying for it, does the currency just get worked out automatically? :O (I know, its a silly question xD;)

And that's an extremely fair price!

I haven't looked into their fitting but I think I have the average size eyes (14.5/8.6) but are the lenses at least a little soft? I've had only two sets of lenses, a white pair and yellow pair. I've never ever had trouble with the whites and they've actually outlasted their listed shelf life. But the extreme yellow lenses I got were murder on my eyes. I wore them for about 30 minutes at AX last year and I just couldn't take wearing them anymore. The toll they took my my eyes was awful. The size was exactly the same and both lenses were purchased from the same source. I assume they might have been mislabeled (the lenses being too small for my eyes perhaps?) They were also unusually thick, much thicker than my white lenses.

My question is, they're not super hard lenses are they? D: I'm hoping that wasn't the problem with my other lenses and that I can just buy everything I need from they're site ^^

Thank you so much for the info by the way :D
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