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[LIST] Cosplays for Couples Revamped

I'm redoing this thread because I forgot to add other categories besides anime. x_x Thank you to those who helped with the first thread. I've included your suggestions here as well. ^_^ So here goes, again!

The ever vexing question of whom to cosplay haunts us all. As there are a lot of questions about cosplays for couples I decided to start a thread where we can list as many possible options as possible.

This is a group effort. Feel free to suggest more characters to the list. Please include or link a picture of the characters individually. It will save a lot of time so I don't have to hunt all over internet to find a picture for each character. Keep it appropriate though.
Please don't post girlxgirl or boyxboy pairings. This thread is for boyxgirl pairings ONLY! There will be a thread for those pairings later. Right now it's a lot of work to only focus on boyxgirl pairings. The pairs do not have to be romantically involved. They can also be friends and/or team mates.

These are NOT ships. They are just cosplay suggestions. If you don't agree with a pairing because it goes against a ship, please don't rant about it here. I'm just trying to provide a resource for others to glean from.

School is getting really busy so the list will be added to slowly. Thank you for your patience. Please continue to add more suggestions.

Cosplays for Couples

Part 1: Anime

As the anime list has become really long (*cough* word limit *cough*), I made a Google document and will be transferring all new and old suggestions there. You can find the document here:

Ah! My Goddess
Belldandy and Keiichi

Yukito and Misuzu
Yukito and Kano
Yuikito and Minagi

Angel Sanctuary
Setsuna Mudo and Sara Mudo
Setsuna Mudo and Kurai
Mad Hatter (Belial) and Kurai
Uriel and Jibril (Gabriel)
Uriel and Doll
Raphael and Jibril (Gabriel)
Raphael and Sara Mudo
Jibril (Gabriel) and Michael

Arakawa Under the Bridge
Nino & Kou Ichinomiya
Nino & Hoshi
Jacqueline & Billy
Village Chief & P-ko
Hoshi & Amazoness
Shimazaki & Tooru Shirai
Sister & Maria

Moritaka Mashiro & Miho Azuki
Akito Takagi & Kaya Miyoshi

Aria the Animation, Natural, and Origination
Alicia and Akatsuki
Aika and Al

Isaac and Miria
Jacuzzi and Nice
Claire and Chane
Firo and Ennis
Ladd and Lua

Moritaka Mashiro & Miho Azuki
Akito Takagi & Kaya Miyoshi

Black Lagoon
Hansel and Gretel

Code Geass
Euphemia li Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi
Euphemia li Britannia and Lelouch Lamperouge
Euphemia li Britannia and Charles zi Britannia
Euphemia li Britannia and Clovis la Britannia
CC and Lelouch Lamperouge
Kalen Kozuki and Lelouch Lamperouge
Cornelia li Britannia and Lelouch vi Britannia
Nunnally Lamperouge and Lelouch Lamperouge
Nunnally Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi
Marianne vi Britannia and Charles zi Britannia
Shirley Fenette and Lelouch Lamperouge

Cowboy Bebop
Spike and Julia
Spike and Faye

Digimon Adventures 02
Sora and Matt
Kairi and T.K.
Yolei and Ken

Digimon Tamers
Rika and Takato
Rika and Henry

Digimon Frontier
Zoe and Koji
Zoe and Takuya

Bulma and Yamcha
Bulma and Vegeta
ChiChi and Son Goku
Lunch and Tenshinhan
Son Gohan and Videl
Son Goten and Paresu
Bulma's mom and Dr. Brief
Kuririn and #18
Kuririn and Maron

Kida and Saki
Shinra and celty

Fate/Stay Night
Rin and Archer

Fruits Basket
Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma
Tohru Honda and Yuki Sohma

Fullmetal Alchemist
Trisha Elric and Holenhiem
Maria Ross and Benny Bloch
Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang
Winry Rockbell and Edward Elric
Winry Rockbell and Alphonse Elric
Maes Huges and his wife
Izumi Curtis and her husband
Rose and Edward Elric

Full Metal Panic
Sousuke and Kaname
Sousuke and Tessa
Leonard and Kaname
Leonard and Tessa

The Count and Mercedes
The Count and Haydee
Fernand and Mercedes
Danglars and Victoria
Villefort and Heloise
Villefort and Victoria
Andrea and Victoria
Andrea and Eugenie
Albert and Eugenie
Maximillion and Valentine

Gundam 00
Ribbons and Hiling
Lockon and Feldt

Gundam Seed
Lacus Clyne and Kira Yamato
Lacus Clyne and Athrun Zala
Mirallia Haw and Tolle
Mirallia Haw and Dearka
Cagalli Yula Attha and Athrun Zala
Flay Alster and Kira Yamato
Flay Alster and Sai
Murrue Ramius and Mu La Flaga

Gundam Seed Destiny
Meer Cambell and Athrun Zala
Meyrin Hawke and Athrun Zala
Lunamaria Hawke and Athrun Zala
Lunamaria Hawke and Shinn Asuka
Stella Loussier and Shinn Asuka

Alucard and Integra
Anderson and Yumie
Anderson and Heinkel
Pip and Seras

Hungary and Austria
Prussia and Hungary
Russia and Belarus
England and Seychelles
France and Seychelles
Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Netherlands and Belgium
Japan and Taiwan
Canada and Ukraine

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Keiichi and Rena
Keiichi and Mion
Keiichi and Shion
Shion and Satoshi
Satoshi and Satoko

Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie and Howl
Sophie and Markl

Kagome and Inuyasha
Kagome and Koga
Kagome and Hojo
Kagome and Akitoki
Kikiyo and Inuyasha
Sango and Miroku
Ayame and Koga
Kagura and Seshomarru
Lady Sara and Seshomarru
Rin and Kohaku
Rin and Seshomarru
Tsukiyomi and
Inuyasha's mother and father
Koharu and Miroku
Shiori's mother and father
Kykio and Inuyasha

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Grell and Madame Red
Ciel and Elizabeth
Sebastian and Beast
Joker and Beast
Ciel and Doll

Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Sheeta and Patsu

Last Exile
Lavie Head and Clause Valca
Sophia Forrester and Alex Row
Uris and Alex Row
Dio Eraclea and Delphine Eraclea
Tatiana and Mullen
Alister and Clause
Tatiana and Clause
Sophia Forrester and Clause Valca
Dunya and Mullen
Claus' father and mother
Sophia Forrester and Vincent Alzey
Lavie Head and Mullen
Alvis and Clause

Lost Universe
Millie and Kain
Canal and Kain

Lupin the Third
Lupin and Fujiko

Tenma and Nina
Johan and Nina

Sakura and Sasuke
Sakura and Naruto
Hinta and Naruto
Konan and Nagato
Temari and Gaara
Temari and Konkoro

Paradise Kiss
Miwako and Arashi
Yukari and Jouji
Yukari and Hiroyuki

Ai and Hachi
Fee and Yuri
Claire and Hachi

Misty and Ash
Nurse Joy and Brock
Officer Jenny and Brock
Tate and Liza
Ethan and Kris/Lyra
Red and Leaf
Dawn and Lucas
Gijinka Pairs

Porko Rosso
Fio and Porco
Gina and Porco

Powerpuff Girls Z

Princess Moanoke
San and Ashitaka

Princess Tutu
Fakir and Princess Tutu
Fakir and Ahiru
Mytho and Rue
Mytho and Kraehe
Mytho and Princess Tutu

Romeo and Juliet

Sailor Moon

Look in the image galleries here for most of them.

Serina and Darien
Serina and Seiya (before transformation)
Rei and Darien
Rei and Chad
Other girl and Darien pairs
Ami and Greg
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Moon and Moonlight Knight
Other Scout and Tuxedo Mask/Moonlight Knight pairs
Rini and Helios
Rini and Peruru
Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion
Luna and Artemis
Luna and Yaten (before transformation)
Mina and Yaten (before transformation)
Ami and Taiki (before transformation)
Hero/Villian pairs
Mercury and Zoicite
Mars and Jedite
Jupiter and Nephrite
Venus and Kunzite
Prince Diamond and Serenity
Villain Pairs
Ann and Alan
Beryl and Prince Endymion
Saphir and Prisma
Prince Diamond and Esmeraude
Saphir and Esmeraude
Dr. Tomoe and Mistress 9
Dr. Tomoe and Kaorinite

Sailor Moon: MYU!

Look in the image gallery here for the myu characters.

Sailor Galaxia and Chaos (Eien Densetsu)
Bloody Dracul and Vampiru
Bloody Dracul and Le Fey
Dr. Tomoe and Death Lamia
Dark Plasman and any of the brides from either Kaguya Shima and Shin Kaguya Shima
Dark Plasman and Loof Merrow

Sengoku Basara

Images can be found here

Nobunaga and Nouhime
Toshiie and Matsu
Sasuke and Kasuga
Kenshin and Kasuga
Ranmaru and Itsuki
Xabii and Itsuki
Nagamasa and Oichi
Just about anybody and Oichi
Any male character and Magoichi
Any male character and Tsuruhime

Shining Tears X Wind
Kureha Touka and Kaito Kiriya
Kureha Touka and Souma Akitsuki
Seena Kanon and Kaito Kiriya
Hiruta Rei and Saionji Harunto
Zero and Mao
Ryuuna and Souma Akitsuki
Ryuuna and Zero

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
Haruka Ozawa and Yakumo Saitou

Shugo Chara
Ikuto and Amu
Ikuto and Utau
Tadase and Amu

Amilia and Gory

Tales of the Abyss
Tear and Luke
Tear and Van
Natalia and Luke
Natalia and Ashe
Natalia and Guy
Anise and Ion
Anise and Jade
Arietta and Ion
Arietta and Sync
Legretta and Van
Legretta and Ashe

The Big-O
Roger and Angel
Roger and Dorothy

The Vision of Escaflowne
Vaan Fanel and Hitomi Kanzaki
Alan Schezar and Hitomi Kanzaki
Alan Schezar and Millerna Aston

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Kamina and Yoko
Kittan and Yoko
Simon and Nia
Dayakka and Kiyoh
Rossiu and Kinon
Kittan and any/all of the Black Sisters (Kiyoh, Kinon, and Kiyal)
Gimmy and Darry
Viral and Adiane
Viral and Cat-wife
Lord Genome and Nia

Vash the Stampede and Meryl Stryfe
Vash the Stampede and Rem Saverem
Nicholas D. Wolfwood and Milly Thompson

Tokyo Babylon
Subaru and Hokuto

Akio and Anthy
Akio and Utena
Miki and Juri
Touga and Utena
Touga and Nanami

Valkyria Chronicles
Isara Gunther and Welkin Gunther

Miku and Kaito
Luka and Gakupo
Luka and Kaito
Rin and Len
Rin and Kaito
Rin and Gakupo
Meiko and Kaito
Teto and Ted
Gumi and Kaito

Fiona and Van
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