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Cosplays for Couples Continued

Part 2: Games

Final Fantasy

You can find a lot of Final Fantasy images here.

Final Fantasy 1
Princess Sara and Warrior of Light

Final Fantasy 3
Refia and Arc
Refia and Ignus
Refia and Luneth
Aria and and Arc
Aria and Ignus
Aria and Luneth

Final Fantasy 4
Rosa and Cecil
Rosa and Kain
Rosa and Edward
Rosa and Yang
Rosa and Tellah
Rosa and Cid
Rosa and Edge
Porom and Palom
Rydia and Cecil
Rydia and Cid
Rydia and Edge
Rydia and Kain
Rydia and Edward
Rydia and Yang
Rydia and Tellah
Anna and Tellah
Anna and Edward

Final Fantasy 4: The After Years
Rosa and Cecil
Leonora and Palom

Final Fantasy 5
Kyrile andBartz
Lenna and Bartz
Faris and Bartz

Final Fantasy 6
Terra and Locke
Celes and Locke
Relm and Locke

Final Fantasy 7
Aerith and Zack
Aerith and Cloud
Aerith and Sephiroth
Aerith and Cid
Tifa and Cloud
Tifa and Sephiroth
Tifa and Cid
Yuffie and Vincent
Yuffie and Cid
Yuffie and Barrett
Marlene and Barrett
Marlene and Denzel
Shelke and Vincent

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Aerith and Zack
Cissnei and Reno

Final Fantasy 8
Rinoa and Squall
Selphie and Squall
Quintis and Squall
Raine and Laguna
Julia and Laguna
Edea and Laguna

Final Fantasy 9
Garnet/Dagger and Zidane
Eiko and Zidane
Beatrix and Steiner
Ruby and Zidane
Garnet/Dagger and Vivi
Mikoto and Zidane

Final Fantasy 10
Yuna and Titus
Yuna and Auron
Yuna and Kilmari
Yuna and Seymour
Luka and Wakka
Titus' mom and Jecht

Final Fantasy 10-2
Yuna and Titus
Luka and Wakka
Lenne and Shuyin

Final Fantasy 11
Original characters

Final Fantasy 12
Van and Penelo
Ashe and Van
Ashe and
Fran and Bashe

Final Fantasy 13
Serah and Snow
Serah and Dajh
Serah and Hope
Lightning and Snow
Lightning and Hope
Fang and Snow
Vanille and Snow
Vanille and Hope
Nora(Hope's mom) and Hope
Lightning and Sazh
Fang and Sazh
Vanille and Sazh
Jihl and Yagg
Lightning and Yagg
Lightning and Cid
Fang and Cid
Vanille and Cid
Fang and Rygdea
Lightning and Rygdea
Vanille and Rygdea
Lebreau and Snow
Lebreau and Gadot
Lebreau and Maqui
Lebreau and Yuji

Final Fantasy 13: Versus
Stella and Nocitis

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Belle and Layle
Belle and Keiss
Althea and Layle
Althea and Keiss

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
Aire and Brandt
Yunita and Brandt
Aire and Jusqua
Yunita and Jusqua

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
Linaly and Pritz
Rouge and Valkus

Luminous Arc
Lucia and Alph
Cecille (Priest) and Alph

Tales of Symphonia
Genis Sage and Presea Combatir.
Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel
Martel and Mithos.

Tales of Vesperia
Estelle and Karol
Estelle and Yuri
Patty and Karol
Patty and Yuri
Judeth and Karol
Judeth and Yuri
Rita and Karol
Rita and Yuri
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