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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
I have been expanding my tea collection lately. I just made myself some jasmine green tea, and ordered a tin of ginger peach green tea online. Somehow I don't have oolong tea yet so I'm gonna hafta remedy that soon.
Is there a place you particularly like to get tea from? I'm always on the lookout for new tea vendors.

I'm not a big fan of green tea in general, because I'm a lame-o tea drinker and I like things that aren't too bitter, and I also like blends I can drink with milk and honey. My all-time favorite is Zhena's Gypsy Tea Earl Greater Grey.

When we got married, I got a fancy wine tower thinking we'd be hosting dinners and parties fairly regularly (HA). Now the partitions that are meant to hold bottles hold my boxes of tea, instead, which I think is a much better arrangement.
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