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Originally Posted by LeekHime View Post
Thank you to everyone for all your info and help. I'm not necessarily set on needing a camera with 14mp. It's just that right now I have a 3-4 yr. old 8.1 mp Sony Cyber shot it is kinda slow and it isn't giving me the clear pictures I want to capture all the detail in my cosplay pics. I just figured that maybe more mega pixels would give me that clear shot I want.
Probably there is something else contributing to this, ie. camera shake or shutter speed not high enough, the lens being of poor quality, and so on. The difference you will get in detail between an 8MP camera and a 14MP camera, especially when viewed on a computer screen or photo frame (typically 2MP or less in terms of resolution) is not that significant.

You said your sister has a DSLR, ask her to take a look at your current camera, how it's set up and how you are using it, with you. It could be any number of simple things, but it's hard to say without knowing more.

If you still decide you need a new camera and are willing to spend $500, for $400 you can get a Panasonic LX5, the update for the LX3 which is one of the best compacts out there.

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