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나 네이버 블로그를 만들고 싶어~ How to do it?

안녕하세요~ I noticed that alot of korean cosplayers have 네이버(naver) blogs and I decided to make one too XD~ I was in the middle of registering and I was ready to complete the registration but something stopped me from doing so. This note popped up and said
"5~12자의 영문 소문자 숫자와 특수기호(_)만 사용할 수 있습니다"
I know that means to use 5-12 english characters, numbers and special symbols. I put in
"idj071994" in the second box and they still gave me an error -_-~
Here's a pic

Can someone tell me that already has a naver account of what I did wrong? I'm not that understandable of korean language(that's why i wanna make a naver blog XD and to meet other cosplayers) so thats why im having trouble with this lol
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