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Name of Commissioner; xhelios.moonx/Orphan's Wigs/ILUVMoonWigs! < her latest name
Website/ gallery; Her Marker add
Character commissioned and series/video game; APH: Greece, Vocaloid: Kaito, Junjou Romantica: Usami, Blonde wig and Black wig.
Links to picture(s)Greece Blonde Kaito's wig Pic 1 Kaito wig pic 2 Black spikey wig Usami pic 1 Usami Pic 2
Timeline; 2 weeks from when I ordered
Describe your Experience.;I originally ordered a Greece wig to be made when I inquired about a Brown wig she had for sale. We decided She would send 5 wigs plus a hair piece since she wanted to get rid of 2 of them. When I got it my Already Bad day turned worse.It was NOT what I ordered and lacked the Extensions that "Leeolie" said would come with it. Japan's hair color/Style looks nothing like Greece and the ref photos I sent prove it. The Smell of the 5 wigs was probably smoke and Allergies started acting up. What ever it is It Smelt HORRIBLE. 3/5 were grimey (Kaito the Grimmest of them all) and I had to Clean them ALL which only got rid of 67% of the smell. Had to shell out extra shipping to get a new Greece from a friend who wanted the Gray one. She would style that for free for me and She is reliable and it won't stink. I tried cleaning them but kept the kaito wig on the side for my Dad to smell to see what I was complaining about. I washed the Kaito Wig in a Bag to Soak it cause I was going to Soak it over night to try and get the smell out. Well the water in the Bag turned brown to dark brown to Brownish black within 8 hours. I also Found out the bangs were chopped up. When I told her the problems that I had with them I got a "Well Two of the 5 aren't bad" since the black spikey wig Didn't look bad and the Blonde one looked okay. I told her About my allergy and She Said she didn't smoke and no one in her house smoked since she has Asthma . I told her it was Smoke otherwise my Allergies wouldn't be acting up. Then She tried blaming the Post office. I Pretty much Tore her head off on that cause when I told her I highly Doubt they would Open the package and Chain gang smoke around all 5 wigs (Which they all were in a Ziplock bag I might add) She laughed and said that would be pretty funny if they did. My sister mentioned that it had to be in a house that had smokers for longer than a Week and The commissioner said she said She stayed at her Friend house for a Week and they all smoked. I'm trying to figure out the Logic of WHY someone would stay in a house for a week if they have asthma and the people there are "Heavy smokers." She basically danced around anything and everything making it look like everything is okay. Cause the wigs for in exchange for a Costume. I lost 20 bucks and a Dress that is Due by the convention I told her I needed The "Greece" wig I ordered for. Some how She mistaken Japan for Greece. how she did since their Hair color/Styles are Different and she was looking at a "brown" wig when Doing "japan" Who she Got mixed up with Greece? I haven't got a friggen clue. The wigs was thin and Cheap. She Got Usami Mixed up with Ciel (Kuroshitsuji). I dunno HOW You can mistake a 28 year Male Character for a 13 year old Boy or how Ciel Got Spikes and a Shitty hair style. Something tells me Ciel Is Rebelling or Sebastian must not be doing his Job OR I got a reject wig. She Told me that the "Usami" wig she Had was better than the one I have (Current Avatar picture) and I thought it would be nice to replace a 3 year old wig that was my First wig. When I got it and started telling her She asked about the "Ciel" wig she sent. I asked her what Ciel wig since we hadn't even talked about the Series. The "Ciel" She Sent was the "Usami" She told me about. The black and Spikey one I really can't say anything bout cause I dunno what to Do with it she just tossed it in. The Blonde one I styled and will be using at my Convention next week if I can get the rest of the smell out. She tried Selling me another wig which she Showed me a Picture of Another user's Russia wig (complete with Soviet hat) She said it was an old cosplay and the hat was gone. I started laughing cause that Picture she Showed me was A friend of mine Wig she posted to show her progress on Her Russia Cosplay. When I called "Leeolie" Out on it She laughed and Basically said she wanted to know if I was paying attention and then Changed the Description to " A wig I commissioned a while ago" To "Raychan's wig, isn't it pretty?" I screen capped the Picture and alerted my Friend to wants going on. then she Told me she Sends wigs she Stores to her friend in China to Store them for about 30 a Month, After I explained to her she can get a 4 dollar bin at Dollar General she said it'll save her "50" a month if she got them. Why Would you send wigs over sea's to store for 30-50 a month?!? I was Born at night but NOT last night. There is a Crap load more on this Girl I could go on about but I'm taking up too much space as it is. But basically I'm out A Dress, money and My commissioner fee. By the way All the Wigs are now Non-Grimy and the "worse" looking one (gray one) Was transformed into something way prettier. I will send pictures when I meet up with my Friend who is Styling it for a outfit.
Final Grade: There is no Grade for this. "-F" is being too nice

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