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woohoo!!! I just saw my email about this as well.This is awesome.

Unfortunately I wont compete in this because it takes a lot time and effort to get a group going and work on the project at the same time. You need dedicated cosplayers in this project.

I think the costumer should be in the pro level and the presentation should be well thought of like a broadway show.

I have seen the World Cosplay Summit show and I have seen cosplay work here in the West Coast that are at their level or even more.But traveling to Japan with all your props and costume is a pretty big production by itself.

I think fantasy action anime video games is the best genre to do.The costumes has a lot of details in design and if you make it action ready ... man there are a lot of things you can do on stage to make the presentation amazing.

Anyway , whoever needs a hand I can help in the presentation part , audio and directing.

I guess AM2 is competing with AX price money of 10,000...
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