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I don't know how they will judge that but I would assume a good balance of craftmanship and performance.
I have seen really excellent craftmanship but their performance is lacking.
It makes me cringe .
I only started competing over a year ago but I have been watching the masquerade performances for a while. Everytime I watch a performance I cant help but critique it and see what can be done to improve it.

So I hope when that time comes that they judge these things basing on skills,creativity and performance.

As for me ,I am just a novice costumer cosplayer and I usually don't like to compete.I'd rather put a great show ,have fun and be recognized for it. Sometimes I want to get my acting buddies to join me and make a mini production.

So if I were to choose between the 2 , I would go and do the AM2 masquerade.

I know a group in Orange County who should compete in this.
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