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Originally Posted by HimePanda View Post
I really want to do Madoka. She's too cute not to do. But making that outfit would be a nightmare for me.
I'm beginning to really like Madoka too. She's just too sweet and precious. You could always do her school uniform, if her transformation is too hard. I really hope to see some people do the uniform. <3

Originally Posted by Access View Post
I can't get enough of this show, it's the best show I've watched in a long time.
Originally Posted by jj1027 View Post
I do so love this show, I think it's a great take on the Mahou Shoujo genre, and I would cosplay from it were I female.
Glad you two love this show too! It's a beautiful deconstruction of the genre. I am really excited to see where this is going next. One surprise after another.

Originally Posted by Roses-and-red View Post
I really want to do Mami, but going to get her hair right, is going to be a nightmare>.<
I'm going to cosplay her ONE day though.....
I saw a tutorial once upon a time on spirals like that. I need to dig around and see if I can't find it.
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