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Originally Posted by Yui View Post
Blood_Sword = There is no way to fix that date bug, as it is an error at the time of upload. It seems to happen when your file is oversized, but just a little bit = so the page does generate without an error, but the resizer can't handle the last step to actually post the image. The best way to avoid that is to resize your photos before letting the built-in gallery one attempt that. (Such as, in Photoshop, save "optimized" + "save for web" + also make sure your dpi is 72.)
At this point, even if you reupload the file again, the date will not change, though. (If the incorrect date bothers you, though, you can delete the page totally and reupload, but you'll loose the views and comments, obviously.)
Actually, I resize all of my pictures on Imageshack to the exact same size (I think it was 640x480) before I upload them and still only those two (that I've found so far) got the error. I re-uploaded them yesterday and they seem ok now, and I uploaded the exact same file as before.
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