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Name of Commissioner: A-chan Creations (Chao-Fangirl)
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game:
Pyramid Head plush from Silent Hill
Klonoa, Guntz, and Chipple plush from Klonoa
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Pyramid Head -
Klonoa -

Timeline: I commissioned her sometime in October 2009, I believe and I received the plushies on February 15, 2011 (huge time gap is because of me, not her =) )
Describe your Experience: The experience was definitely a positive one. I commissioned A-Chan sometime in October 2009. She had a big list, so I knew I was going to wait a little bit until I fell on queue (of course, I was aware of this and was more than happy to wait). Once it was time to work on my plushies, A-Chan showed me progress and let me give feedback. That was very nice of her! She was kind enough to add three extra details on Pyramid Head (stitches on apron, rim and criss cross details on the head) at no added cost. She also gave me progress on the Klonoa plushies.

The reason why there was a huge gap between the date commissioned to the date received was because I had money troubles and had a hard time paying for the entire cost of the plushies (of course, this was my fault, not hers). I was surprised on how patient and understanding A-Chan was to my payment plan! She waited patiently for each new patient and remained extremely professional. I cannot thank her enough for sticking through with me. She did not have to do this, but I thank her tremendously for doing so. Once I paid the plushies in full, she shipped the plushies immediately and provided tracking. All plushies were packaged nicely and arrived in tip top condition.

Of course, the plushies were worth the money. They were all extremely well made. There were absolutely no 'raw' edges since she serged each one. The detail put into each plushie is incredible. All the plushies looked as though they were built to last. Every material used was of the up most highest quality. She did a wonderful job transforming the characters into plushies, too! What was nice of her was that she made the plushies in the 'sitting down' position for me when she normally makes her plushie sit up.

Final Grade: A+ By far one of my most enjoyable, if not the best, commission experience I've had.
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