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Originally Posted by Aearon View Post
Yeah... I believe that was due to the constant attacks on people in them. Mods don't like it when people break the rules.
Originally Posted by Volnixshin View Post
From you, this is shocking
both of you, don't start or this one will get closed too. geez people...............

today is sort of boring, if only because roomie has the day off work (yay i get to torment him!) but lil man is also out of school so no going anywhere because he can be a pain sometimes. wednesday my mom and i are having a "girl's day out" while he's at school, which is something we haven't done for a long time ^_^ and my parents are taking lil man with them to visit family in minnesota, which i'm a little nervous about but looking forward to at the same time because it's another very quiet long weekend. he's 5 so plenty old enough, but has never been away from me long distance like that
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