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Originally Posted by rubyspitfire View Post
maybe so, but i noticed you like to respond to people who generally take your comments as attacks and it degenerates into rudeness from all involved... and that's why threads get locked. better just to not go there at all, and when people clearly don't like each other, don't comment on each other's posts. that's not directed at any 5 people in particular, but everyone here. let's not keep getting threads locked ok?


i just noticed that your avatar looks like you have no eyebrows. this is kinda cool!
*Nods.* I'm not sure why they degenerate into rudeness. I try to keep my comments on-topic and as straight-forward as possible without bringing emotion into the discussion.

lol... Yeah... I bleached my eyebrows along with my hair there. XD That was my first cosplay before I knew about the whole gel / eye shadow and other tricks to change your eyebrow color. XD
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