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Originally Posted by nannyogg View Post
I'm home from work today, recovering from bronchitis It kinda took some of the fun out of Naka-Kon, I think I spent more time sleeping than doing anything else. But we did win a "Judge's Choice" award in the Masquerade (from the workmanship judge)!
boo! on the bronchitis, but yay! on the award!

Originally Posted by rubyspitfire View Post
and my parents are taking lil man with them to visit family in minnesota, which i'm a little nervous about but looking forward to at the same time because it's another very quiet long weekend. he's 5 so plenty old enough, but has never been away from me long distance like that
aw, that's sweet. I bet he'll love the adventure of the travel and being "on his own." and while you'll miss him you could probably make a looooooooong list of things you'll get to do while the house is quiet.

and /momvoice cracked me up.
Sometimes cosplay is like pie.
People who make pie are awesome.
People who buy pie are pretty cool, too.
If pie is delicious, I will compliment the person serving it to me.
If they made the pie, I will absolutely compliment them on having made it, too.
-- kiratsukai
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