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Originally Posted by Angathol View Post
I had an audiogram today as part of a medical assessment for a job this summer. It was pretty neat! They would play a ringing or buzzing noise in one side of a pair of headphones and it would get steadily quieter; I had to press a Jeopardy-style button every time I heard the noise. I'm not sure how well I did, but I could hear some of the faintest noises. It's kind of strange, but some noises are so faint that you can feel them more than hear them, if that makes sense.

Maybe I was a dog in another life. That would've been pretty awesome. Sleep all day and get tummy rubs, aww yee.
I haven't had one of those since I was in grade school. Dang! Sometimes I had trouble on them; I wound up puncturing my own ear drum with a q-tip when I was wee, and it took a while to regain all my hearing on that side.

Kids, don't play with q-tips.

In current news... STILL THROWING UP. Can't wait for the "golden trimester" to begin and all this queasiness to be over.
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