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Originally Posted by Juliapop View Post
I just purchased a wig and I'd really like to write a review for the site I bought it from, but I have a question. If the package a wig comes in is damaged, is it usually the postal service's fault, the seller's fault, or both?

The wig was sent through USPS in a plastic bag inside a large paper envelope. When I got it, the envelope was torn and the whole thing had been put in another plastic bag by USPS.
The person I contacted before I bought the wig was extremely helpful, and the wig is just what I needed and doesn't seem like it was damaged at all, so I really don't want to give the site a lower review than it deserves.
Postal. Sometimes those envelopeds get stuck in their machines. I've had it happed to me personally with things I've ordered.
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