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Originally Posted by roflwaffles View Post
@DavinDaLilAzn is there a specific set of features that you are looking for from the 60D or T3i? If not, and your looking to save cash I would suggesting looking into a used body. Like an old 50D, and use the money you save from that and buy some nice glass.
I like the 60D (vs 50D) since it can do video as well. I'm not looking into making epic movies or anything, but it'd be nice to have when I go to an instructional panel or something and just switch to video mode and record what they're talking about. Also, the 60D's battery (~1000 shots) is twice that of the T3i (~450 shots). Even tho the T3i is lighter and feels a bit flimsier to me, if I attached a battery grip to make it weight the same/more than a 60D, it'd only be able to shoot the same amt as a 60D w/ twice the batteries. >.< Also, I've heard that Canon's even numbered cameras are usually better... lol
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