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Name of Merchant: Cosplay-Eyes
Items Purchased: Basic Eye in "Pinky Raspberry" (2 single lenses, one with a -1.75 adjustment and the other with a -1.50) for myself, Basic Eye 2-contact set in "Pinky Raspberry" w/no perscription for my partner.
Photos of product in-use:

Experience: Sitting in a net cafe after a club event where I actually had a conversation with 3 other Yuyuko cosplayers about a sorry lack of pink contact lenses out there, this site's banner popped up on my Cosplayer's Archive Account. And wouldn't you know it -- pink eyes! And not horrible single-color halloween lenses! Proper printed, textured, eye-looking pinks!!! Hooray!

My cosplay partner was also impressed and wanted a pair for her Shugo Kyara cosplay. So I ordered her a set as well. Payment was Collect-on-delivery and the lenses arrived within a week of ordering (within Japan).

Pros: Lovely lenses. Very rare colors and shades that are really sorely needed by a lot of cosplayers for a lot of different costumes. Their blues are an amazing deep day-glo blue perfect for BRS costumes and all of their colors are slightly different than the shades offered by "Venus Eyes" making for more variety in shades, not just another shop selling the same old ones.

Nearly all of their lenses are available in perscription as well as without. Perscription costs nearly twice as much and you need to order two seperate lenses each with the correct power inputted instead of one set but they arrive sealed in regulation with Japanese contact lens laws and have their power clearly printed on the outside of each case as well as on the label attatched to the clearpack containing the lens itself.

Lenses are about 2,000 yen less on average than Venus Eyes, my usual brand and are comparable in quality.

Cons: The color selection is still limited and some of their lenses they carry are matte effect lenses. I still crave a natural printed yellow lens. Get around to yellow next, please, Cosplay-Eyes!

Shipping is a little hefty (750 yen) for such a small item.

Overall Rating: A

*a note of caution ~ while cosplay-eyes will ship overseas (airily is the parent company), their minimum ship rate is 3000 yen (over US $35 and more than the cost of most lenses themselves)! That's kind of nuts. Highly recommend going through a buyer for this one ~or~ teaming up with some other cosplayers to order lots of lenses at once as a group and then split the shipping cost. 3,000 yen is nutters for one pair of contacts. For 8 pairs... it's not so bad.
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