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Name of Merchant: lhjun2010
Items Purchased: 544 New Fashion Short Platinum Blonde Man Wig
Photos: .jpg Yes, the picture is dark, but it was night when i got it and I only have a webcam :<
Timeline: Bought on February 10th, shipped February 14th, arrived February 20th

Pros: Soft wig, feels like real hair. Looks nice on me, very thick and full wig.

Cons: For the first time in my life... its a wig too small for me. I have an abnormally small head. And its too small for me. Its a struggle to get the back of my hair to stay in, and my sideburn area shows unless i position the sideburns on it JUST right. Really really odd if you ask me. I've never had this problem with a wig before, even ones KNOWN for being small. So beware... this wig is almost child sized.

Overall Rating: I guess a B-. Its a nice wig for the price ($25 free shipping), but how small it is was a HUGE downer.
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