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Originally Posted by quiescent View Post
Palaven --
That would be awesome! We'd definitely have to hang out a bit, as we didn't really get a chance to last year ):!

hmwsg x -- Aaah! We need them to bring you up!
And I am so excited to see how your flemeth turns out =)! That wig would be so exciting to make XD Hahah, I'd be all over that part of the costume... its the rest of it that I'd squirm about

Also. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for making Aveline's sword -- in particular the insane hilt it has. I know I'll have to adjust the proporations a bit, as it would most likely shatter if I made it exactly. But do either of you have an idea of what I might use for something like that?
Talk to Stan Woo! I've already offered my presence and said I would help reorganize the costume contest but I haven't heard anything. My boyfriend and I would love to go back--the size of the event and the people who attended were just great.

And we are totally opposite on the costume o.o I was absolutely terrified of the wig so its the only part I got commissioned xD Maybe I should of hired you for it!

Are you talking about the sword with the split hilt? You could always do a dowel rod, then use expanding foam, paper mache and then paint like Kamui's WoW weapons.
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