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Angry Worst Cosplay Experience EVER

Name of Commissioner: CelestialShadow/Phantom Legacy
Characters commissioned: Miura Azusa & Amami Haruka from THE IDOLM@STER
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

The first couple photos are from the seamstress and the rest photos I took of the product I received.
Cosplay Full
Pencil skirt

Zipper: The zipper wasn't sewn on properly and the stiches were falling off.
Stitching Outside #1: The stitching was very lazy/messy! It looks awful and is noticeable when the cosplay is worn. This mistake is on Haruka's outfit as well.
Stitching Outside #2: It seems like this cut/crease thing was part of the fabric before hand. It would of been nice if she could have at least not used that piece.
Stitching Outside #3: She measured wrong and just folded the fabric over and started with a new piece. Really?
Sewing: The lining was very lazily and badly sewn. It looks like it could just fall apart. BTW, the messy hand stitching with white thread at the top is my friend's who was trying to fix it with very little knowledge of sewing. Yes, he did fix the problem somewhat.
Sewing #2: The lining is just awfully sewn.
Stitching Inside: The stitching on the inside is again really messy and fragile. It was already falling apart.
Zipper's Stitching: The zipper was sewn on poorly and came stained (luckily the stain isn't visible from the outside).
Belt Buckle: The belt buckles was painted very crudely. There were even hairs that were painted into it!
Skirt Stain: There was a stain on the front of skirt that was very visible.
Stain: There was a stain on the very tip of the corner of the top which was, again, visible (although smaller than the other one).

Cosplay Full
Skirt Cape

Skirt: The skirt wasn't even hemmed! It also had a large sticky stain that we were unable to remove
Skirt's Stitching: The stitching is very messy and the choice of thread looks very amateur. If it's a white skirt, why use bright, dark red thread? It is visible when worn.
Skirt's Zipper (or lack of one): This was awful. It had little buckles on it that easily came apart. Twice during the weekend, it practically fell off of me, and I luckily just caught it in time!!
Ribbons: We actually had to remake these. They were quickly sewn together and were already falling apart when we got them. The little clips that were attached to them didn't help keep them in my hair at all.
Waist Ribbon: It was supposed to be much thicker, not just a thin ribbon. It just looks silly and weird. It was also just sewn in one little spot in the middle of the ribbon, which made it start to rip the ribbon to shreds and eventually fell off, all frayed.
Random Multi-coloured Threads: These were sewn into the costume's stitching in various areas... Why?
Weird Threads: These were strangely inside many parts of the cosplay.... They were visible when worn.
Straps: They were poorly made (not centered to the shirt) and were not cut properly so they poked out very far on the inside.
Gluing: She glued ribbon to the skirt in order to hide some messy work, but it ended up breaking apart and coming off, making it even messier.
Fur Trimming: Was never closed properly and you could see into it when it was worn from just a straight on view. Lots of other areas with fur were also never attached properly.
Large Bow: Was never sewn together on the back or even hemmed...

Timeline: I had first contacted her and received a reply on March 19, 2010. I then sent her the measurements on March 24, but couldn't send her the 50% deposit because I was trying to get my Paypal account set-up and it just wasn't working. However, because I was worried about if I might have messed up the measurements, I thought that maybe meeting up at a con we were both going to going to would be best. I gave her my number, but she wasn't able to phone me and never met up. That's when it started to go bad.

On April 14, she mailed me asking if we were still interested. I told her yes, but I was still in the process of getting paypal to work (I tried multiple times which takes days to do). I ended up using my father's Paypal account and began to transfer (it takes time as you know) her the $300 (the 50% deposit) on April 24. Four days later, I got an e-mail from her
saying that she was rejecting our commission requests because she "had given the time slots for june away to another buyer who paid in full for their costumes".

I asked her to reconsider, and she did, although she said that she had two other projects due in June and July as well. I needed my costumes for August and we both thought this would be no problem, as she said that she would have July to work on them. On May 5th the $300 deposit was transfered, and on June 1st I sent her a mail reminded her that I would be away from the computer for 3 weeks (we were doing a homestay in Japan) and that I'd send her the remaining $300 before I left (it was transfered to her on the 5th and earlier than she needed). On June 8th she said that she'd have it shipped on July 16th.

On July 14th, she said that she had another commissioner push the due date back on her commission a week and that she'd rush her commission and mine would be shipped a couple days later. On June 27th, she sent me a mail that she "fell a little behind because of the last customer so now she is rushing (mine) to get caught up" and that she'd send it by EMS the following Monday (it should've taken 5 - 7 days she said). I sent her a reply right away saying that I was concerned because Canadian customs takes longer than the US's and that I needed more time to prep my cosplay before my event. I suggested overnight shipping, but by the time she read my mail it was too late.

By that point I was more than worried because I hadn't even received any progress photos, so I requested some. I got a few photos right before they were shipped out by EMS on June 29th. However, the cosplay got to our house 4 days before the con! I was lucky it made it in time, but there was too much work to be done.

Describe your Experience: Besides the shipping nightmare and the lack of communication, it was even worse. I ended up paying $600 for her to make these half-assed costumes, and then had to pay another $100 for some alterations at a local seamstress to make it look mediocre!

On Azusa's costume, it had arrived with awkwardly short "sleeves", when it was clearly sleeveless. I had to get it altered to fix that. Haruka's skirt didn't have pleats when it clearly does, so we had to get that fixed as well. The gloves that had came with Azusa were too short and shiny so I had to replace those as well, as well as the hair ribbons and neck ribbon, waist ribbon, etc. There were so many alterations done I can't remember them all. Even after trying to fix it up, it still looked awful.

One thing that bugged me quite a bit as well was the fact that there was this weird pink trim all around the sides of the costume. Nowhere in the illustrations is there any suggestion of such, so I don't understand why she didn't just fold it and hem it.

Overall, this whole situation boils me. I spent $700+ on a cosplay that looks awful. It is a fairly easy to make cosplay and shouldn't really cost that much, however I wanted professional quality. I wanted it to look perfect like other cosplays I've ordered from KISS and Cospatio, so I was willing to pay a lot for it.

This has been the worst experience I've had with cosplay ever (and I've almost had a pad slip from my bra and fall from my shirt during a panel and live broadcast!). It has made me really question cosplay and made me a lot more cynical towards the hobby. It's only recently that I've felt like I should address this issue and get back into cosplay. What bothers me the most about this situation is not the crappy cosplay I was sent (and I know that I will never get a refund), is that I though I could trust her, that we were the same kind of cosplayer (we were both willing to spend as much necessary to have a costume looking perfect). This has really taking away the love I have had for cosplay in a way. I would never ever go back to her. From now on, I'm only going to stick with actual companies or make my own.

Final Grade: F-. More than horrible experience.
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