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Originally Posted by TwinBEE View Post
Final Grade: F-. More than horrible experience.
Talk about a tough customer!

You got two useable costumes in time for your event that look perfectly fine unless you turn them inside out and examine them with a magnifying glass... and even then I see nothing much to rate "horrible" about the photos you've posted (the zipper mistake and the unfinished bow would irk me, but I'd also just ask for them to be replaced after I tacked them down and wore them at the event... which I think Celeste would have done... she's done it for me before).

My issue is that your primary complaint seems to be they aren't as nicely done as factory-work on industrial machines from two of the most expensive brand-name boutiques in Japan...

Celeste lives in an apartment and sews on a table or chair while sitting on the floor... she hasn't got any assistants or employees. She doesn't have a dedicated factory providing her with cheap fabrics in bulk. And she generally doesn't charge $500-200,000 a costume (like Cospatio does).

"Comissioner in Japan" does not equal high end brand-name botique.

Sorry, but going to have to say you're being too hard on her with that F.
To you own admission, she delivered the item on time, responded to your concerns in a timely manner and made all sorts of allowances you asked for without charging you any extra. Surely that alone counts for part of a commission review...

Also, from the sound of it, you didn't pay $700 for "a cosplay" -- you paid $600 for TWO costumes with EMS shipping from Japan included in that price... then you paid someone else $100 for alterations. Run that through an exchange calculator and compare it to the quote you get on two commissions from Cospatio ^^;
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