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Final Grade: F-. More than horrible experience.
Hello this is Said commissioner who was reviewed in that post and in my defense this customer never ONCE tried to contact me after her costume was received. I would have been happy to accomodate her for what she felt was a poor quality costume by either giving her a partial refund or remaking the parts she did not like.

Since I heard nothing from her after the costume was shipped out I could only assume that everything was to her standards, she went to her event and had a great time.

There was nothing on my add or in my contract with her that stated she could not contact me for help and in my final email to her I clearly stated that if she had any questions or concerns she could contact me.

Because the costumes were delivered to her almost a year old (I made those costumes for her mid 2010) there is not even a paper trail left for me to do anything to help her. I only maintain emails for 3 months and then I delete them and Paypal no longer has a record of our transaction together due to how long ago this was done.

Thank you everyone who rallied to my defense on this matter, I do apologize to the buyer for this but as one poster above mentioned, I am not a factory and the prices I charged her for the costumes were in my opinion very fair for what she received.

I will not ask the buyer to revise her review. If she really feels that I deserve an F then that is her right and as a Commissioner I have to learn from the experience but I do feel that it was a bit unfair. I sent her plenty of final photos of everything and some of the details she mentioned above that she did not like are clearly seen in the final photos.
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