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Originally Posted by ShadowYin-Yang View Post
I actually have a question, health-wise.

My breasts are possibly the most annoying thing I have to put up with. My body is tiny and I think all my fat is going to my breasts(which obviously doesn't help with crossplaying). Last I checked I think I'm a C.
But for convenience-sake for my everyday life, is it bad to bind everyday? Or at least wear a sportsbra everyday?

I heard if you're still growing, you shouldn't do that; but I'm 20 now and haven't grown in years(save for my chest) so is it still bad to bind/wear sportsbra everyday?
There are lots of women who do this. Many of them are trans, so they're identifying as men: so naturally they'd want their breasts to be invisible. If you've got a safe binder, there shouldn't be any problem. Wearing a sports bra most definitely wouldn't be a problem.
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