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Co-worker let me borrow Ghost Trick so I will be playing that soon as well! Otherwise my DS has been getting some Dragon Quest V love. That game is so good. I got a good chunk into it a while back on my old laptop before it died, so now I will finally beat this game! I am still sort of playing SoulSilver but it pales in comparison to Dragon Quest so I lose interest pretty quick.

Today at work a very nice customer let me keep all of the PS1 games he brought to trade in but couldn't since GameStop doesn't take them. I am stoked. Some gems in the pile include Parasite Eve which I am playing now. I also got FF7 through FF9 (all black label, for you collectors here), Tactics, Anthology, and games like Resident Evil 1 through 3 and a bunch of other great ones. Wheeee!
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