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Please be warned, this is a long review. This is not even half of what I had to deal with.
Name of Commissioner: Aneris/Ashley Davis
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Yoko from Gurren Lagann
Felicia from Darkstalkers
Felicia Hardy Blackcat
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Please be warned…there are over 40 pictures:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Due date was August 27th, never got one cosplay, the other was unfinished and of horrible beginner quality work
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: My experience started out great, or so I thought. Little did I know I was about to be scammed.

She was very nice, reasonably priced, and offered many photos of her work. She had reviews on several different sites such as eBay, Etsy, etc. I did notice she had more feedback on buying items rather than selling them. After digging around and not finding much, I waited several months and decided to give her a try. I only ordered commissioned costumes that she had supposed experience making. I was to receive exact replicas of what she showed me. My cosplay was a rush commission, but she said she had no other commissions to do at that current time, so her focus would be on me. Anyways, communication was great…until I sent money. I asked for progress photos and nothing. I received responses every few days, but they were very short saying pictures tomorrow or not having enough time to take them. She then received a wig or two so she could get started on my wigs. Great. She sent photos of the wigs that came in the mail. Everything seemed to check out. As the week passed, I ordered some boots and sent them to her for my Yoko cosplay. After sending them, I heard nothing. After not hearing from her, I decided not to send her any of my Felicia Hardy cosplay for her to sew the fur on. I sent multiple e-mails. My due date was now a week away and I had seen no progress photos.

After she disappeared again, she missed my due date and I did not have any cosplays for my convention. First due date was the 27th. I kept e-mailing every day saying if she sent it that day it would still make it in time. I never received a reply. She also promised she’d at least send Yoko out first since it would be easy for her than my others. Nothing came. She finally said that she did not have enough money to finish my costumes. She asked for more money to finish the costumes. More money? At first, I thought about sending her a bit more because it was a good deal, but after thinking about it, I decided that was the worst idea ever. NEVER send MORE money. If the commissioner doesn’t price you correctly, that’s their own fault. Anyways, she said she had no money to finish them, no money to ship them, and she wasn’t finished with either. She said she would even offer me a partial refund for missing my due date. I decided to give her more time. I missed my convention anyways. I set another due date…it too was missed, and then another. After asking in the forums about her again, someone finally came forward. Then several more. They all claimed they were either scammed or got poor quality commissions. Uh-oh. I was being told she would send items and they would magically get lost in the mail. Also, I found out that she tried to use another customer’s shoes that she had sent her for my cosplay. I also found out that these shoes were supposedly lost in the mail, along with this girl’s Morrigan cosplay. Interesting enough, Aneris/Ashley was trying to sell this girl’s cosplay on this very site (as well as DeviantArt and Etsy). At that point, I demanded photos of my commissions. I wantedm the dated and time stamped, her in the photo, and a photo of what all she had done. She admitted Felicia was not finished. I began to tell her that I was filing with PayPal because I had received nothing and it was over a month and a half and I still had nothing though being promised things. I did not even have photos. Finally, she sent photos of “my products.“ Yoko wasn’t finished either. Also, pieces of Yoko were missing. Her excuse was she was moving, she didn’t have a phone, she didn’t have the internet, and she didn’t have a car so she couldn’t drive anywhere that might have the internet -- like the library. I wanted to believe she just had too much on her plate. I wanted to believe that she was a nice girl. After doing much research, I found this to be a complete lie. She was posting on another site in a forum on the exact days she claims she had no way to check her e-mail or anything else. I was very flexible, extremely forgiving, and very civil. I never wanted to believe she was a bad person, but after the mess of lies she told it’s hard to think anything else.

After many e-mails of asking her to send the items finished or not, she agreed, but still nothing came. I decided to file with PayPal, but the claim was instantly denied because it was passed the allowed 45 days. I then decided to file with my bank. After telling her this, she decided to comply with some of my requests. She was to send the items priority mail with insurance and a delivery confirmation and pay an agreed upon refund all by Sunday. When Sunday rolled around, she messages me and tells me she cannot give my refund because she didn’t end up getting paid. She agrees to ship the items, but I was still filing with my bank. I filed with my bank Monday and she shipped my items Sunday. They were to arrive Wednesday. They didn’t. When I messaged her about it and asked what address she sent it to, she typed it and it was the wrong address. I was pretty annoyed at this point, but I was still one step ahead of her. I called the post office and had the packages redirected to me. I have reason to believe she sent the packages to the wrong address on purpose. That way, I never got them because she knew when I did, I’d be livid. Please refer to the above photos of the mess that I received. Yoko is a black material cosplay…it was sewn in blue thread. Yoko’s skull clip isn’t even a clip, it’s a safety pin and the paint is blue, not black. She did a horrible job painting the boots and cut them. She completely ruined them. She didn’t even paint red flames on them. There is hot glue all over the cosplay. The bikini top isn’t even lined. Not to mention, it’s not the right size. Take a look at the bikini strings on the cosplay she was supposedly sending. Do you notice that the top has twine like strings? Mine sure doesn’t. It’s a shoe lace type material on top and some satin thin garbage on the bottom string. There’s no way it will hold me. The shorts are a disgrace. They even have a hole. The belt isn’t new…see where it has been pulled because it’s been worn? Also, she told me the studs were glued on by hand. Look at the back. They go threw the belt and clasp on. Look at the poor craftsmanship all around strings everywhere. Look at my glove. My hand won’t fit because my fingers won’t go through. I have small hands. Do you notice that in the picture of what I was to receive that her fingers go through? How? Because it’s not the product she sent, that’s how. The chopsticks…they are eating chopsticks that are painted horribly and not even the right color. You can see where she broke them. The skull is just a mess in itself. There were no Yoko socks. Take a look at the scarf. Notice in the first photo she sent, she photoshops the picture to make the scarf appear it is striped all the way around. It isn’t. I pointed it out and she said she had no idea it was striped all the way around. What? She has claimed to do Yoko commissions multiple times. Not to mention my reference photos had the scarf striped all the way around. Also, the supposed commissioned photos of other Yoko costumes she had were striped all the way around. Then when she sent me a site to show me about Yoko’s wig, that had Yoko’s scarf striped all the way around. Makeup was on the scarf as well. I didn’t try it on because I had a feeling it was made for someone else and was sent back. I was told that someone commissioned a Yoko and received one that had the same type strings holding the bikini top and that glue was all over it. They apparently shipped it back. None of Felicia was done, except the wig, which I was missing a wig from. The wig is trashed. Yoko’s wig is horrible. She didn’t even make a ponytail. Just put a clip through the wig and called it a pony tail. It wasn’t styled at all. I have a hunch these aren’t new wigs, but old wigs of hers. I could be wrong about that though. After my packages arrived and I called her out on her shoddy craftsmanship, she deleted her e-mail, deleted her two DeviantArt pages, deleted her MySpace, and several other pages. Interestingly enough, the name on the PayPal account I paid money to was not the name she told me her’s was. It was a different name -- Jennifer. She begged me not to get this Jennifer involved, but that was my bank’s choice. I did get my money back from my bank.

Please be careful. She is still on this site and still approaching people in the Marketplace that are looking to have a costume commissioned. I have since found out that her actual PayPal account was linked to illegal actions and that is why she used someone else’s. Also, she is linked to a known scammer on this site and other sites. Please be warned. She uses over five different e-mails and is linked to multiple names.

Final Grade: F (if I could give a lower grade, I would)
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