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I double-checked the thing with Shu Takumi's dog. He has a Pomeranian seen here. I'm not sure if his dog's name is really Missile or not though, but Missile (from Ghost Trick) was definitely based on him!

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Today at work a very nice customer let me keep all of the PS1 games he brought to trade in but couldn't since GameStop doesn't take them. I am stoked. Some gems in the pile include Parasite Eve which I am playing now. I also got FF7 through FF9 (all black label, for you collectors here), Tactics, Anthology, and games like Resident Evil 1 through 3 and a bunch of other great ones. Wheeee!

Do you have a local non-Gamestop store near you? When I worked at Gamestop we'd have to direct people to the non-Gamestop game stores (there was one about 10 minutes down the road one way, and one about 15 down the road the other way) if they asked about PS1 games.

Also, I just noticed I don't own a legit copy of FF Anthology. I thought I did, but it was Chronicles (IV and chrono Trigger) that I was thinking of. Damn, I need to go fix that.
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