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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
How are Fan + Friends petticoats? Since i'm trying to find a good petticoat, and I like the poof in some of their pictures
I purchased UN00002 (Dolly Gothic Lolita:Low Waist Basic Pannier for $29.99 in 2008. I love this petticoat. It's perfect for skirts/dresses that don't require a lot of extra poof. I typically wear this one with my Sweet Rococo Princess Skirt, Bodyline Spring/Summer JSK, and 1950s style JSK I made.

I purchased 1UN00002 (Cutie Gothic Lolita:Low Waist Heavy Puffy A-Shape Pannier) for $39.59 in 2010. I love this petticoat as well. It's uber full. I wear this under my bustle skirts (especially the one I made since it's of a heavier fabric) or when I wear layered skirts.

I purchased UN00003 (Gothic Lolita: Steel Prop Pannier*short*) for $17.59 in 2010. I didn't like this one much. The steel prop keeps coming apart, therefore mis-shaping the look. I had purchased this in hope to use it with my light petticoat for outfits that I liked with a lighter petticoat, but wanted to support it a bit more. I wore it once and never wore it again.

EDIT: After posting this, I found that they no longer have the first two petticoats listed on their site. I hope this is only temporary as those were the only petticoats that I really liked from them and I was planning on purchasing a black one in each type. So sad if they don't bring them back.
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