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Taobao Wigs

Here's to hoping they won't merge my thread again to the 'where to buy wigs' thread like they did a while back @___@

Just wanted to post up a helpful tip about where to get the same quality wigs for a cheaper price..

There's this awesome chinese equivalent to E-bay called Taobao.

You can find quite a few of the popular E-bay shops on Taobao for a lot more cheaper. (Wigs ranging from $10 ~ $26)

How to search on Taobao:

A list of recommended Taobao Shops
(<3 = popular)

To search for certain wigs use XD eng --> simplified chinese (Or I can help you find it if you rly need help ;w (Prince1/2 aka Jennifer cosplay on E-bay) <3 (Dear.Wild) <3 <3 <3 (Emo Kids) (Fantasy Sheep) <3 <3 <3 (Micky Cosplay) (Mucos) (07-Day) -- These are specifically styled for you to trim the bangs however you want to. (so it will NOT look styled like the photos in the pictures, you must trim and style the bangs yourself) (Lucky dog) (Yuki cosplay) (Clarrissa Kids on E-bay)

You can either order directly through email from them or use an agent.
Unfortunately, there are only three shops I know for now that offer direct e-mail orders for intl buyers. Just send them an email with links of the items you want and they'll give you the total + intl shipping costs. (Info on email,etc on their shop frontpage)
Yuki Cos

If you want to order from a different shop, there will be some extra fees.(Since you will have to use an agent for that) You will be paying for the domestic shipping and agent fee(10% of order)

How to convert Yuan = USD
Price (Yuan/CNY) x 0.155 = USD

Reliable taobao agents: (I recommend using a agent if you're buying from more than one shop) (fast communication, good experiences so far) (slow communication, not extremely fluent in english)
Tips about using agents:
- They will ask for the payment of items first. (price+domestic+agent fee)
- Once items arrive they will calculate the weight of your package and give you the international shipping total.
- Always tell them in advance you do NOT insurance for both domestic and intl shipping, this adds up the total to your orders by a lot.
- Also tell them you will pay will masspay/personal payment option, they usually add in a % paypal fee, these options reduce the paypal fee by a lot.
- If you don't know what the hec the item is, or what it comes with, ask your agent! They will help you
- Always keep track of your order. Sometimes agents tend to mix up orders if you don't clearly them what you want to order, make sure they have the item(s) you specifically originally ordered in their warehouse.

How long will the order take if buying from an agent:
- Takes a week or earlier to receive item(s) from shop to agent's warehouse
- Give 1 or 2 days for the agent to pack your item(s) since it needs to be sent to the shipping agent.
- Depending on which service you use, typically it takes a week to arrive to you. (for US buyers at least)

*Please note intl shipping will be pricey, depending on how big your order is. You could ask to see if your order could be shipped out with cheaper options such as SAL(3~4 weeks), though most people just go ahead with the express shipping. DHL/EMS(slower option not recommended)/TNT (DHL&TNT take about a week to arrive)*

Uhm I have more info here. (but its usually for my batches ;w
If you have any questions let me know~ (Please reply to this thread though my inbox is forever full x_x)
Buy Affordable Cosplay Wigs!/Taobao thread {{selling my wigs+cos ; u ;}}
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