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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
I totally sqee'd!!! SO CUTE! I sort of want to play Ghost Trick again now that I know the ending to see how that affects my take on other events.

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Someone already mentioned how now it makes sense that Sissel can't read. And a lot of his comments to Missile - like about barking - take on new meaning once you know he's a cat. And the fact that the first time 10-year old Missile talks to him, he just took off - SO LIKE A CAT! So the second time Missile had to trick him. LOL!

I want to replay it again too, and I finally got it back from my sister so I think I'll put aside 999 for now and replay Ghost Trick (and finish replaying the Phoenix Wright games).

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
TV tropes has a list of some of the hints at the ending under the foreshadowing section: I thought of some other ones too, like when Missile and Sissel were both wondering "why people die when they hear that loud bang" regarding guns. They both had the same type of naivety throughout the whole game.
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